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The average success of recruitment after 12 months is only 40%.
That means that for every 10 hires you make only 4 of them will be a success.

We guarantee a success rate of at least 80%.

This is also backed up with our exclusive S3 Quality Guarantee™ which means that you have time to ensure that they are the right person and the right fit for your organisation without any risk to your investment.

We do this because we put every candidate through the S3 Assessment Process™ which is a unique, yet proven method of filtering out the very best candidates.

Tech & IT staff need to have the technical skills required for the specific role, but equally they need to have the soft skills to work well with colleagues and fit into your organisation. The process is designed to find only those that meet the Top Soft Skills required.

Top Employee Soft Skills

Soft-Skill A 90%
Soft-Skill B 85%
Soft-Skill C 80%
Soft-Skill D 85%
Soft-Skill E 80%
Soft-Skill F 85%
Soft-Skill G 85%

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