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From Reaction to Prediction

What is the strategy for £ revenue growth?

What are the risks? What may prevent you from achieving the £ revenue goals and is there a plan to mitigate this?

What is your strategy for protecting your brand?

Do customers understand what you can do for them and why you are different to your competitors?

What actions do you need to take?

Sales Fitness Assessment™

Sales aren’t where they need to be.

Fitness Assessment Graphic

The S3 Sales Fitness Assessment™ enables companies to take a holistic view of their sales and marketing and determine what is good, what areas require focus, the order in which to do the focus areas, and, what that will mean for the business.

The S3 Sales Fitness Assessment focuses in three areas:

Upon completion of the S3 Sales Fitness Assessment™, organisations will know exactly what they need today to improve their revenue and profit from sales.

Go to Market Strategy

You have a new product/solution or existing product/solution that you want to sell into a new market.

Which market do you go after. How do you ensure success?

Completion of the S3 Sales Fitness Assessment™ enables go to market strategies to be developed. The strategies are de- pendent upon where you are in the product life-cycle curve. Go to market strategies developed by S3 consultants are based on real research, proven studies and years of experience in complex selling environments.

Getting your go to market strategy correct in the early stages of the product life-cycle curve will mean the difference between success or failure.

Value Proposition Workshop

Differentiating your company from your competitors is difficult.

Customers/prospects are not clear why you are better.

Value Proposition Graphic

Value Propositions are your way of articulating the value that your customers can expect by using your product or solution.

Companies with weak Value Propositions struggle to win new business. They find it difficult to differentiate themselves from their competitors and subsequently fail to sell their solutions at the profit margins they deserve.

Here at S3 we help companies define hard-hitting, clear, concise and effective Value Propositions.

Our collaborative Value-Proposition workshop will enable you to achieve consensus from your team on the correct Value Proposition and supporting Sales Messages that you should use it when liaising with your customers.

Our success rate in achieving this is unrivalled in the industry.

Clear differentiation –

Your team will be able to articulate the differences and customers will know why you are different/better.

Sales Team Structure

Do you have the right team?

Is there the correct mix of new business salespeople and key account managers? Are the individual members of the team working to their full potential?

Sales Team icon

The S3 team analysis enables organisations to assess the core talents, skills and motivation of their salespeople. A break- down of each member provides information on the level of skill competency that they have and, more importantly, the competency that they are capable of.

This is particularly useful for sales managers and sales directors who are new to the role and have had a limited amount of time with their new team.

Organisations will know the capability of their sales team. They will know what actions are required, whether that be training, succession planning or recruitment, to ensure that the sales targets can be achieved.

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