Being ‘Great’ to do business with

Customer Experience management is about increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
Advocates are customers who would:

Recommend you to others

Look to you for future advice, services, products

Customer Experience management involves designing and reacting to customer interactions to best meet or exceed expectations.

Customer Advocacy™

  • Customers are not particularly impressed with your organisations service and response to their requests.

  • Customers that do not say: “Doing business with XYZ is Great!”
  • There is divided opinion within the company as to the importance of customers and how they should be treated.
  • Other companies are perceived as being better to do business with.
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Here at S3 we have experience of CRM deployment from a small number of users all the way up to Global deployments of hundreds of thousands of users.

The S3 CRM Readiness™ workshop will enable you to ensure that you understand the potential strengths and potential weaknesses of a CRM rollout. The workshop will uncover all of the risks and gaps/roadblocks to success.

Upon conclusion of the workshop you will understand exactly what you need to do to ensure that your CRM deployment is a success.

You will have a series of actions, in order of priority, that you need to execute, coupled with gates and milestones that you need to track and ensure that they are crossed along the journey.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • You’re considering deploying a CRM tool across the company.
  • Initially this may have been for the sales team to use as a way of tracking their Communication with customers, however, there are a number of additional benefits that can be realised if it is deployed across other departments.
  • There are numerous cases of large CRM deployments that have not been successful and have failed to be widely adopted by employees.
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Completion of the S3 Sales Fitness Assessment™ enables go to market strategies to be developed. The strategies are de- pendent upon where you are in the product life-cycle curve. Go to market strategies developed by S3 consultants are based on real research, proven studies and years of experience in complex selling environments.

Getting your go to market strategy correct in the early stages of the product life-cycle curve will mean the difference between success or failure.

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